The Guilderland Library


    For the past several years Michael has been teaching cartooning as part of a summer program at the Guilderland Library.  The classes are usually limited to 15-20 students and signing up in advance is required.  For more information you can contact Cherry Neil at The Guilderland Library at 456-2400 (ext. 6)

        Cartooning I and Cartooning II are offered with two classes each running for one hour:


        Cartooning I:  This is an introductory class which focuses on a step by step approach to developing and creating humorous "people" characters.


        Cartooning II: This is also an introductory class based on creating humorous "animal" characters.

     Michael recommends these three books as essential resources:

Cartooning The Head & Figure

by Jack Hamm

How To Draw Cartoon Animals

by Christopher Hart

Cartoonist PROfiles

- a quarterly magazine for the serious cartoonist looking to become syndicated . (send $35.00 to: Cartoonist PROfiles PO Box 325, Fairfield, CT 06430)